happy 16th anniversary
'…baby one more time' released on september 30, 1998

gone with the wind
Scarlet: I hate you Melanie, I wish you were dead, this is all your fault
Melanie: omg thank you scarlet bless your soul


{ night and day }

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"Well, I— it’s… uh, let me see. I killed two people. I mean, two Arabs. One was… a boy. That was— yesterday. I led him into a quicksand. The other was a man. That was… before Aqaba. I had to execute him with my pistol. There was something about it I didn’t like."

-“Well, naturally.”

Happy Birthday Naomi Watts.

new outtakes from billie’s photoshoot with chris lloyd [x]

Happy 46th birthday, Naomi Watts!

♡ happy 46th birthday naomi ♡ 

Happy 46th Birthday, Naomi Watts!

Adèle being a cutie pie.

Peter O’Toole resting against a camel during the filming of Lawrence of Arabia (1962)