Twin Peaks: Episode 27 (AKA The Path to the Black Lodge) - Stephen Gyllenhaal - 1991


Jimmy Stewart.

"Sitting around looking out of the window to kill time is one thing but, doing it the way you are with binoculars and wild opinions about every little thing you see is..is diseased!"

my week (and thoughts from it)

  1. 2 all-nighters
  2. (wtf its only been 3 weeks of classes)
  3. its nice to be a senior and finally have new students who look younger than you
  4. english professors are the best im almost regretting not majoring in english (writing is my minor tho, i swear i can actually write well)
  5. i finally watched heavenly creatures (bc wolf alice) and WOW that soundtrack is perfect in like every way
  6. last week had like the hottest day of the summer (well 90s with awful humidity) and we were in the low 60s today and wow isnt the changing of seasons perfect

Jennifer Connelly in Requiem for a Dream (2000).

Hedy Lamarr in Kodachrome.


Fangirl Challenge: 3/15 Films - "Heavenly Creatures" (1995) 

Only the best people fight against all obstacles in pursuit of happiness.

Naomi Watts attends the “While We’re Young” premiere during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival at Princess of Wales Theatre on September 6.


It’ll be just like in the movies. Pretending to be somebody else.

Mulholland Drive (2001) directed by David Lynch


Eastern Promises, dir. David Cronenberg (2007)

requested by anon


A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

The girl was very young, about 17, or 18, I guess. And the guy was… quite a bit older. And she was very beautiful, you know? And he…he loved her more than he ever felt possible.